The Mag | Issue 281 | 10 August 2013

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Twenty five years a Magazine was born, Newcastle United were in disarray and only months from relegation - though we didn’t know it at the time.

So many reference points looking back and forwards, in August 1988 we were angry and hurt but along with the love and passion for Newcastle United we hoped against hope that better times were around the corner.

Selling Paul Gascoigne to Spurs was the final straw that gave the impetus for The Mag,  how sad that his life has had even more ups and downs in those 25 years than NUFC, if that were possible. We all hope for better times ahead for all the fans of Newcastle United, including Gazza.

What a special issue we have though to mark 25 great years.

The headline interview is with Robson Green, somebody who loves the club as much as the rest of us and some great stories to tell, unmissable.

The Mag is packed with writing talent and somebody who was there in the early days has returned; Howard Linskey is now a bestselling author and he too gives a unique entertaining perspective of juggling a stellar career AND supporting Newcastle United.

This special issue of The Mag is a must have and along with special Silver Anniversary features we bring you the very best coverage of what is happening NOW at our great club, the best team of NUFC writers giving it their all. 

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