Newcastle United v Sheffield United | 5 April 1998 | FA Cup Semi-Final Ticket

After one of the most fortunate FA Cup runs being pitted almost exclusively against lower league opposition, we rocked up at Old Trafford to play Sheffield United in the semi-final, surely even Newcastle couldn't mess this one up...

It was a tense affair but Shearer got the only goal and for those of us celebrating in the very top tier, the earth did actually move – it isn't every day we get to Wembley!

  • F.A. Cup Semi Final
  • Sunday 5 April 1998
  • Newcastle United 1 (Shearer) - Sheffield United 0

A great item of Newcastle United F.A. Cup memorabilia.

All tickets are well packaged to arrive in the best condition possible.

Ticket Details

CONDITION (see image): very good, has been previously folded in the middle  
SIZE: 119mm x 77mm (4.7" x 3")

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